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Utolsó előadás: 17 napja
Minőségi előadó 2018. november 22. óta

pleasure and fun


Kor: 26
Hajszín: Barna
Csillagkép: Bika
Hajhossz: Hosszú haj
Szexuális beállítottság: Biszexuális
Dohányzás: Dohányzó
Magasság: 5'61" / 168 cm
Szemszín: Egyéb szemszínek


If I'm momentarily not online, then...

We become well-behaved women's, although it is not always easy

The best party, I ever attended

When she first danced topless for me .

My favorite sport

We love to swim

I would love to live in this city

no matter where we live important that we will be in contact with you

A perfect date would look like this

It is important that it was fun and original

I would take this items with me to a desert island

All our Newirth which you can see in one of the clips

A dream partner would look like this

Not only appearance, matters we do not have ideals. Maybe it will be you ?

The thing I like most on me

us not to judge us alone Explore

My best characteristics

The more you visited us , the faster you guess them

My favourite music

every kind of music but her moans nothing beats

My favourite dish

we love spicy food

What I like most about sex?

all this leads to orgasm

What do I wish in sex?

Everything depends on the moment , once we want to be docile and other times it does not allow

What do I like to try?

Bungee jumping , skydiving .... everything that raises the adrenaline

My favourite sex position

I like it when you take me from behind, you attract firmly to each other ...

My sexual fantasies

We tell you about them on priv